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The latest trend this Fall in fashion is the timeless pattern of diffuse and deflect. It seems the casual wearing of accountability is this season’s latest outerwear. This layered look is perfect for the winds of worry that swirl through the systems of oppression, racism and social injustice. Trotting down the catwalk this season is the European model, appearing perfect in white. The cloak of privilege effortlessly cascades through what will later reach generations.

Make no mistake about it, the atmosphere has indeed been compromised since the cultivation of Black labor and the colonization of indigenous peoples upon this land…

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A Rose, a Cactus and a Weed walk into a bar. The bartender asks, “How’s work?”.

Rose eagerly responds first., “It is great! Everyone loves me! I fit in among the employees and I am growing very tall. Taller than most of the others. In fact, they barely notice or even mention my thorns! I am so proud to be in such a naturally diverse community. There are red ones like me, yellow, pink and white ones of course. I am appreciated when I work alone and even when I am collaborating alongside a dozen others in a team.”

Cactus had been listening to the Rose and awaited their turn., “Well, my experience is slightly different…

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I am one of the People of Color that are being crushed and constricted by the hate, bigotry and genocide that illuminates our country today. As I attempt to find the words to explain to my two Black boys and daughter that our race, our culture and identity is on the endangered species list, I tremble.

How can I sell the dream of freedom and liberty ….. when I cannot ensure the promise of life?

The moments that take my breath away daily include the very presence of police and the instant insecurity in knowing if there is a bounty…

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It has been a few weeks since the initial announcement of layoffs at my workplace as a result of the devastating impact of COVID-19. Washington state, where I live and work, is now infamously recognized as “ground zero” for America’s Coronavirus outbreak. Each day, I intently follow the news and attempt to trace the trail of this seemingly invisible virus to see whom, what and how it will attempt to stake claim to another family’s peace.

I never thought to look into my closest circle, my workplace.

For years, I’ve served in the non-profit sector in different facets, from corporate…

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is what we were constantly asked by teachers, parents and caregivers in our childhood. For many of us, we knew for sure: A doctor, firefighter or teacher. The choices were ever-changing. Whatever the answer, it came with a responsibility and expectation to work hard to achieve. We would learn as we ventured along the path, the barriers disguised as self-doubt, age, wage and gender discrimination would attempt to throw us off course. Along with this came the reality that you may not always have a tireless cheerleader in your…

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“How would you describe your leadership style?” I was asked this question by a colleague and it cautioned me to think deeply and reflect. As a member of the Millennial cohort, I no longer buy in to the 20th century leadership models of “lead from behind” or “following in another’s footsteps.” The more that I have truly evaluated what constitutes a true “leader”, I honestly struggled with determining If I even qualify.

A leader is a cross functional assignment. It can refer to one (leader) or a group of people (leadership). In its conventional respect and relation to my current…

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Yesterday, I watched the film Harriet, a re-imagined story of Harriet Tubman and her journey to freedom. I was in awe of the courage and selflessness that it requires to define freedom as more than just an individual achievement.

Harriet taught me that just one or a few is simply, not enough. Her unwavering faith and patience to pause to hear a voice much louder than her own is the quality of wisdom that I aspire to. She attracted a network of like-hearted leaders that were willing to sacrifice their lives, ego, status etc. …


Human-being Activist & Author. People watcher and conversation starter. INFJ unicorn. Storyteller. Unapologetic Black Woman.

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