Keeping Up with the Karens: Fall Racism Fashion Review

Photo by Highlight ID on Unsplash

The latest trend this Fall in fashion is the timeless pattern of diffuse and deflect. It seems the casual wearing of accountability is this season’s latest outerwear. This layered look is perfect for the winds of worry that swirl through the systems of oppression, racism and social injustice. Trotting down the catwalk this season is the European model, appearing perfect in white. The cloak of privilege effortlessly cascades through what will later reach generations.

Make no mistake about it, the atmosphere has indeed been compromised since the cultivation of Black labor and the colonization of indigenous peoples upon this land. The fabric is a simple poly-blend: hand-picked cotton, irresponsibly sourced and blended with a synthetic fiber of guilt and shame. This blend, although cost-effective, provides the superficial strength required to face the harsh social climate and reality of racism, even at the expense of breathability.

This is a multi-piece line that incorporates styles for every age and is primarily androgynous by design. For centuries, the style has evolved with the times as popularity has grown because of its ease and accessibility. Manufacturing these garments is uncomplicated using a one size fits all design pattern recycled through history. Keeping in line with the latest trends, one can go from virtual meeting, parking lot or public park, blending in effortlessly.

Due to its extreme comfort and the fact that “everyone’s wearing it”, many have mistaken this retro-fit and the impact of the ensemble has gone completely ignored. This collection boasts the pride of its wearability through separates like fragility, defensiveness and paternalism that could easily be dressed up or down.

Rounding out the collection is an offering of accessories: backlash bangles and ironclad hoops of inequity. It hugs like a second skin and only when the wearer is “woke” do they begin to peel back the layers when things get uncomfortable and the artificial foundation is exposed. A work-ready look is available at an additional cost, providing the option to to roll up the sleeves and step into an allyship role.

The industry is rapidly changing and the Karen look is no longer trendy and is losing its sustainability due to a social uprising and shortage of demand for perpetual racism and injustice. The re-enfranchisement of the original designers are weaving a bold refreshing look of justice and progressive styles that will give our society a much needed makeover. This cosmopolitan craftsmanship is unapologetic and will establish the trend that is one to watch and will surely saturate the sidewalks this season and beyond.



Human-being Activist & Author. People watcher and conversation starter. INFJ unicorn. Storyteller. Unapologetic Black Woman.

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Human-being Activist & Author. People watcher and conversation starter. INFJ unicorn. Storyteller. Unapologetic Black Woman.